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Forecast – Chapters 1 to 3

Some secrets are better left dead. 

Sixteen-year-old Holly Armstrong finds herself alone and afraid when she is forced to move from London to a small surfing town in New Zealand. It’s supposed to be her chance at a fresh start – a chance to put the past behind her and start again. So she tries to be normal in her new home, even striking up an unlikely relationship with the charming and mysterious local boy, Taine Kingi. 

But Holly’s life has never been normal. Before she knows it, she starts dreaming about murder, then her deadly dreams come true. Why are people dying exactly how she’s dreamed it? Searching for answers, Holly discovers a terrifying secret. Something sinister is awakening in the sleepy town of Piha. What is it and what does it have to do with Taine? With the body count rising, only one thing is clear: nowhere and no one is safe. 

How can Holly save the people she loves, when there is no one left to trust? 

Teeming with action and suspense, FORECAST is a captivating thriller and a heart-stopping love story.